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The Wilmore Opry was created to bring fun into the lives of anyone who is craving an entertaining evening without it costing a small fortune. It started out with a free will donation and the performers showed off their talents in a carefree environment. It is an evening of good music and comedy.There is something for everyone.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall Variety Show

Wilmore Opry News by Vanita Blundell
Yes, it is that time again- Saturday, October 4th we will have our Wilmore Opry Fall Variety Show. There will be an array of music. There should be something there for everyone. We have some wonderful guests to entertain you. The ‘legendary’ Jack Ewing will replace Vanita Blundell this time as your emcee. Jack is multi-talented, not only is he a wonderful emcee, and he has a fantastic singing voice.
We have three new faces that will appear on the Opry this time. Julie Wendell is coming all the way from Beloit, Kansas to show you what she can do. John Clark of Medicine Lodge will bring his talents. We are happy to have little Emily Rugg. I have been told this youngster will certainly be a delight to every one. We always welcome new musicians and we are on the lookout for more.
We are excited to have the return of Casey Fetters of the Newkirk, Oklahoma area and Verlan Elliott of the Pratt, Kansas area to the Opry. We have not gotten to hear them since the Wilmore Opry moved from Wilmore. Casey brought the house down there and she will do the same in Medicine Lodge. Verlan Elliott will be on hand to add his own flavor of singing. He is a busy man and we were lucky to get on his calendar.
We have caught up with the very busy Jennifer Johnson of Wichita- she has her own style of music and you will not want her to stop.
Last but certainly not least, Daryl Schiff and Gene Winter will be there to sing. It seems that whatever they sing it becomes a favorite.
Do not forget that the Heritage Center members will provide you with a hunger stopping-thirst quenching concessions. We appreciate their efforts, support and their vittles.
We hope that you mark your calendar for Saturday, 4th of October- Showtime is at 6:00 the doors will open at 5:00. Admission is at the door of $10.00 for adults--children ages 10 and under is free. We look forward to seeing you there.

Gospel Show

We are delighted to present another Wilmore Opry Gospel Show. This might very well be our very best- There will be wonderful singing to uplift your spirits. We will get your toes to tapping and your hands to clapping. Along with Daryl Schiff and Gene Winters we have a remarkable cast such as Eddie Freeman of Pratt, Garry Houston of Nashville Kansas, Leslie Wedel, the Morford Sisters, from the Medicine Lodge area, Mike Dooley and his Daughters, from the Wichita area, Rick Schiff is bringing a fellow performer from the Winfield area, and Wendy Monroe from Greensburg. We have others that will be there as well. The performers are some of the best and you will not want the show to stop. This is a performance you will not want to miss. So come on down to Medicine Lodge and remember that we have soft comfortable seating and a relaxing atmosphere. Come hungry and thirsty, we will fill your stomach with tasty morsels and we will rejuvenate your soul with good gospel music.
Wilmore Opry Gospel Show
Saturday June 7, 2008
Doors open 5:00
Showtime: 6:00
Heritage Center
Medicine Lodge, Ks
Tickets at the door
$10.00 adults
Children 10 and under Free
Great Concessions
More information please contact Daryl Schiff @ 294-5263
Or Vanita Blundell @ 582-2542 or her cell 635-6330

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wilmore Opry News by Vanita Blundell Sept. 6, 2006

Wilmore Opry News by Vanita Blundell Sept. 6, 2006
The Wilmore Opry in Medicine Lodge, Kansas will be twice as nice this month. We will be at the Heritage Center as we have been since July. We have joined the Peace Treaty on Sept 23rd and 30th and will be having one show each Saturday evening starting at 5:30 the doors will open at 4:30. Each show will be entirely different so you will want to go to both of them. The cost is $10.00 per person. The tickets can be purchased at the Sunflower Consignment in Pratt and at Schiff Cabinet Shop in Medicine Lodge. We will try real hard to have the show over in time to attend the bank robbery downtown at 8:00. The Heritage Center will provide concessions so you can get your stomach and soul filled at the same place. The Heritage members are wonderful cooks and you will need to look no further for good food.
The first show on September 23 will be something you will not want to miss. The performers that will be appearing are as follows;
The emcee will be Mr. Randy Parks of Winfield. He has graciously accepted the task. I will be out of the state cooking for elk hunters in New Mexico. Mr. Parks comes to us with quite a resume’. He is a singer and song writer and as a profession he is a teacher. I have been told that his wife is musically talented as well. Mr. and Mrs. Parks have two sons who love music. One of the sons is pursuing it professionally. We are proud to add the Parks to the Opry Family. So when you come to the Opry make him feel at home.
The National Youth Champion Yodeler- Chelsea Beck will be here. This young lady has an astonishing voice as well as playing the guitar. It is unusual that a young person has taken up yodeling. She is remarkable and we are lucky that she has cleared her busy schedule to be with us.
Eddie Freeman of Pratt will be on hand to provide you with a song or two. He sang for us at the Gospel show and everyone enjoyed his style of music.
Wendy Monroe is from Greensburg, Kansas will be appearing on both shows. We love having Wendy come and lift our spirits. She is an Opry favorite.
The Opry is happy to have a new family of singers performing with us- they are the Clawsons from Meade Kansas, the ages of the children taking part are 4, 6, 9, and 11. I am sure that they will be a crowd pleaser.
The Reese Brothers will be there as well. These boys play bluegrass style and you will be not able to keep your from tapping your toes.
Jennifer Johnson will be on hand to sing for you she has a voice from heaven. She just makes you glad that you are alive.
Steve Dargel from Greensburg will be there to tell you some cowboy poetry. He is one of the best poets that I have heard. Steve will be at both shows with different poems each time.
Gene Winter will be there to sing for you. We always like having Gene join us, he has a Waylon Jennings style of music and he is fun to listen too.
Daryl Schiff will be there to sing as well and everyone loves to hear Daryl sing and play his guitar. Daryl will be playing at both shows.
On the 30th of September we have a fabulous show as well.
Fiddler player, Chase Foster, from Winfield, will join us again. He was here for the Youth show. This young man is quite talented. He can play the fiddle, and the piano, he is a song writer and can do almost anything and the best part he does it with a joy in his heart. He plays with his granddad and they make a great sound together.
We have from Winfield Kansas, Sarah Trillo. This young lady is a joy and you can tell she loves to sing.
From Meade Kansas we will have Stevie McGee. Stevie sings with her dad, Tony. It is nice to see a father and daughter team up.
The Hoss sisters, Helena Trask and Haley Jameson, will be in rare form. Helena and Haley will sing alone as well as a duet. These girls are phenomenal- I think that you will astounded by their performance.
Micah Thom will sing for you - she is a lot of fun to hear. She has added to her performance and it works well for her.
Peyton Whitfield, from Pratt, will join us. We think that this young lady has a future in music and you will be able to say “I knew when…”.
Rick Schiff will be on hand to play the keyboard. Rick can really tickle the ivories and your soul all at the same time.
Daryl Schiff will sing and Rick Schiff will join him so we will be doubly blessed.
There may be some changes, but at this time this is the way the shows will go. We hope that you get your tickets as they are going quickly and we want you there to enjoy both of these great shows.
We will NOT have a show in October or November but look for us on the first Saturday in December and the first Saturday of every month after that.

Monday, August 14, 2006

August 5th Show

Wilmore Opry News by Vanita Blundell
Our Gospel show that we had on August 5th was a show that should not have been missed by anyone who loves good gospel music. Our wonderful sound man Jeff said he thought this was the best yet. The show went a little longer than I thought it would. But who would you cut? There was something there for everyone. We had a trio of women The Joyful Singers’ that just made you feel glad that you are alive - a quartet ‘ The Disciples Jubilee’ that you did not want them to quit. There was a duet made up of two sisters that did your heart good to hear. We also had a trio of sisters as well. The Simpson Family came and blessed us with their violins. Lona Ellis and her husband, Zack, sang an old hymn- Out of the Ivory Palaces- Gib Clark sang with his sisters Audean and Aurdean along with guitarist David Simmons. It is just fantastic to see families sing and play together. We had soloists that were marvelous like Wendy Monroe- Daryl Schiff- Lona Ellis- Stevie McGee-Donna Shelite-Eddie Freeman-Diana Morford-Becky Morford- Sarah Trillo and Jeremiah Jantz.
Stevie McGee brought the well-known Barry Ward with her to sing and accompany her with ‘I’ll Fly Away’. Stevie’s dad, Tony also played the guitar along with Barry.
The ‘Wind Chimes’ of Larned were there in full form. They certainly enjoy what they do.
New to the Opry was Jeremiah Jantz. He was someone who we will certainly want to get him back on the stage again.
Steve Dargel was there with his witty poetry. Steve has a good voice and demeanor for cowboy poetry.
Myrna Bumgarner was there is lighten our hearts with a few words of ‘Minnie Pearl’ wisdom.
We were happy that Rick Schiff had cleared his calendar to be with us. He plays the Keyboard like there is no tomorrow.
The house was nearly full and the audience is an important part of the Opry. We like to meet as many of the listeners and get their input. I love to watch people enjoy what we have worked so hard to put together.
The Heritage Center provided the concessions. They do a great job of feeding us.
I think that we were all blessed and left with a light heart and a lively step.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Wilmore Opry News - By Vanita Blundell
We had a great Youth Revue July 8th. The kids really showed their stuff. We are looking forward to hearing them again. Our next show will be a Gospel show. This will be an outstanding show. The price has been reduced to $5.00 for admission and children under 6 are free, of course. Admission will be taken at the door. We will have plenty of room for everyone.
There will be light concessions there for you to enjoy.
A few of our young people will be there to sing for you- Sarah Trillo from Winfield will be on hand as well as Stevie McGee from Meade. She sings with her dad accompanying on his guitar. It is nice to see a father and daughter team who both share their love for music.
Wendy Monroe of Greensburg will come to sing for us. She is a great inspiration to hear. We will also have Jeremiah Jantz to sing for you. He is a High school student from Greensburg and from what I have heard you will not want to miss him.
Medicine Lodges own Diana Morford and Donna Shelite will appear on stage separately to sing for us. They are certainly a couple of gals you will not fail to notice.
From the Pratt area we will be hearing from the Joyful Singers - This is a fun and pleasurable group of people who are just charming to watch and listen to. We will also have Eddie Freeman to sing for you and along with Eddie we will have a group that Eddie sings with called ‘The Disciples Jubilee’. I am certainly looking forward to hear them.
Kiowa will be represented as well with Gib Clark the Christian Church minister. He is well known in Kiowa, Kansas and Comanche County as he was the Christian Church minister in Coldwater for over 15 years. He is always a lot of fun to hear. The Roger Simpson Family will also be attending - this is a musical family who I have come to really enjoy. It is unusual to find young people who play the violin but to find a brother and sister who play the violin is just awesome.
From Comanche County Lona Huck Ellis will be present- this young lady has a voice that you will never forget and I mean that is the best possible way.
From the Larned Area we will hear the Wind Chimes- this group loves what they do and you can tell by their music.
Rick Schiff will be here too. He is from Winfield and he has been on the Opry several times and a crowd pleaser every time. He is remembered mostly by playing on the keyboard ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and ‘I’ll Fly Away’ in the past.
Another new face will be David Simmons he is coming with Gib Clark- David is from Charleston, West Virginia I have been assured that once he starts to sing you will not want him to stop.
And what is the Wilmore Opry without Minnie Pearl? She will be here to liven up the crowd with her delightful stories. As of this writing that should be the show- However there could be more for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Youth Revue

June 20, 2006
Wilmore Opry News by Vanita Blundell
The Wilmore Opry will be at the Heritage Center in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. The Heritage Center is on Highway 160 east of Medicine Lodge- it is across the highway from the Peace Treaty entrance and at the Isabel turn off. We are delighted to be at the Heritage Center and hope you will enjoy the new building and the wonderful large SOFT seats. No more hard folding chairs for you to sit on.
The Opry is gearing up for our show on July 8th at 6:00 p.m. It will be a Youth Revue, those who are senior in high school or below. The show is a benefit for the Heritage Museum in Medicine Lodge and the Wilmore Opry Hurting fund. The Heritage Museum is trying to get what they need to finish up with the Museum. The Wilmore Opry has established a fund to help those who are in need. We have helped many in the past and with your help we can serve many others.
The show is shaping up nicely with Greensburg’s Sarah Unruh everyone loves to hear her sing.
From the Pratt area we will have Peyton Whitfield. Peyton has won the honor of performing for the Miss Kansas Pageant in her age division. We are very proud of her accomplishments.
We will also have from Hays, Brandon Smith. He has performed on the Opry before at Greensburg and at the Christmas Opry that we had in Medicine Lodge. He brought the house down with his awesome voice.
Micah Thom from Dexter, Kansas will be on hand to sing. She has added something a little extra to her act. If you are curious to know, what Micah has in store for your entertainment you will have to come and see for yourself. She is going to have a friend join her on stage, which I have been told is a real crowd pleaser.
Chase Foster of Winfield, Kansas will be showing off his talents playing his fiddle. He has played for the Opry one time before. He played the all time favorite Orange Blossom Special with a group from Winfield. He has performed in the Country Stampede in San Antonio, Texas. You will certainly want to hear him.
Sarah Trillo of Winfield, Kansas will be here for your enjoyment. She has sung with the same group, Generations, that Chase Foster played with. She is a real sweetheart and you will want to hear her.
From the Medicine Lodge area we will have Danielle Morford. We are excited to have her. This will be the first time she has performed for the Wilmore Opry.
Aly Sutherlin will be here as well. She performed when we had the Opry at the Twilight Theater in Greensburg, Kansas. She did an Elvis impersonation along with a wardrobe change with each song that she sang. She has sung in Oklahoma- Kansas- Missouri - Nashville Tennessee-and Texas. We are pleased that she has made time in her busy schedule to perform for us.
There will be concessions there so you can get your heart and stomach filled at the same time. Tickets are $10.00 adult -$5.00 children ages 5-12. Tickets may be purchased at the Sunflower Consignment Shop 312 South Main Street in Pratt, Ks. Or you may call Jean and Daryl Schiff 620-886-3608 -- Vanita Blundell 620-582-2542 or you may email jvblundell@carrollsweb.com .