Wilmore Opry News

The Wilmore Opry was created to bring fun into the lives of anyone who is craving an entertaining evening without it costing a small fortune. It started out with a free will donation and the performers showed off their talents in a carefree environment. It is an evening of good music and comedy.There is something for everyone.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Wilmore Opry News - By Vanita Blundell
We had a great Youth Revue July 8th. The kids really showed their stuff. We are looking forward to hearing them again. Our next show will be a Gospel show. This will be an outstanding show. The price has been reduced to $5.00 for admission and children under 6 are free, of course. Admission will be taken at the door. We will have plenty of room for everyone.
There will be light concessions there for you to enjoy.
A few of our young people will be there to sing for you- Sarah Trillo from Winfield will be on hand as well as Stevie McGee from Meade. She sings with her dad accompanying on his guitar. It is nice to see a father and daughter team who both share their love for music.
Wendy Monroe of Greensburg will come to sing for us. She is a great inspiration to hear. We will also have Jeremiah Jantz to sing for you. He is a High school student from Greensburg and from what I have heard you will not want to miss him.
Medicine Lodges own Diana Morford and Donna Shelite will appear on stage separately to sing for us. They are certainly a couple of gals you will not fail to notice.
From the Pratt area we will be hearing from the Joyful Singers - This is a fun and pleasurable group of people who are just charming to watch and listen to. We will also have Eddie Freeman to sing for you and along with Eddie we will have a group that Eddie sings with called ‘The Disciples Jubilee’. I am certainly looking forward to hear them.
Kiowa will be represented as well with Gib Clark the Christian Church minister. He is well known in Kiowa, Kansas and Comanche County as he was the Christian Church minister in Coldwater for over 15 years. He is always a lot of fun to hear. The Roger Simpson Family will also be attending - this is a musical family who I have come to really enjoy. It is unusual to find young people who play the violin but to find a brother and sister who play the violin is just awesome.
From Comanche County Lona Huck Ellis will be present- this young lady has a voice that you will never forget and I mean that is the best possible way.
From the Larned Area we will hear the Wind Chimes- this group loves what they do and you can tell by their music.
Rick Schiff will be here too. He is from Winfield and he has been on the Opry several times and a crowd pleaser every time. He is remembered mostly by playing on the keyboard ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and ‘I’ll Fly Away’ in the past.
Another new face will be David Simmons he is coming with Gib Clark- David is from Charleston, West Virginia I have been assured that once he starts to sing you will not want him to stop.
And what is the Wilmore Opry without Minnie Pearl? She will be here to liven up the crowd with her delightful stories. As of this writing that should be the show- However there could be more for your enjoyment.